About Us

Hey there! 

We are currently refillutionizing our website, but for now we’ll leave you with this: 

We are WaterUp, a team filled with passionate waterholics that are on a mission to bring a water refillution to Amsterdam with the help of our hydration stations. 

Our goal: omit single-use plastic water bottles. 

Why? Because we have excellent tap water here in the Netherlands and we don’t need it bottled in plastic and shipped in from other countries. 

Yet it still happens… So that’s when we came up with WaterUp, a social enterprise that creates all-in-one still, sparkling and infused tap water stations. 

We help offices, universities and schools become plastic-free by replacing single-use plastic sparkling & flavoured water bottles with our hydration stations. 

Follow us on instagram @waterup_ & facebook /waterupamsterdam to stay up to date. 

Water is life.